St. Michael’s Catholic Primary School

In God’s love we believe and achieve

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Staff Organisation 2021/2022



Mr Loughran


Assistant Headteacher      

Miss Davies


Teaching Staff


Reception Class                              

Miss Owens 


Key Stage 1 

Year  1                   

Miss Smith /Miss Karalius

Year 2

Mr Borelan /Mrs Boardman


Lower Key Stage 2 

Year 3      

Miss Christie 

Year 4   

Mrs Pendleton / Mr Connick / Mrs Leadbetter


Upper Key Stage 2

Year 5 

Mrs Hillier                   

Year 6   

Mrs Ingram /Miss Barrow


Pastoral Support Team

Stef Lockley & Helen Leitch



Teaching Assistants and Classroom Support Staff


Foundation Stage  

Miss Strong / Mrs Ainsworth / Miss Abbott /Miss Roberts


Key Stage 1

Miss Taylor / Miss Jopson /Miss Hambleton


Key Stage 2 

Mrs Shelley / Mrs Jones / Mrs Bebbington / Mrs Bent / Miss Wiggins