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Attendance and Punctuality

At St Michael’s Catholic Primary School we believe that good attendance nurtures our pupils academically, socially and emotionally. In order for children to maximise their learning opportunities, it is vital that your child attends school every day. The school’s attendance target for this academic year is 97% and we implement a `traffic light system’ to signpost attendance levels to parents/carers and children.


Pupil’s attendance is monitored on a daily basis and we encourage and celebrate excellent attendance. We also work with School Health and Education Welfare to support your child if their attendance becomes a cause of concern. Over the last 3 years our attendance has been above the national average and this is thanks to the wonderful support of our parents and carers and the amazing attitude of our pupils. See Twitter for a regular update of our whole school attendance.


For St Michael's Attendance Policy please access the following link:

  Attendance Data 2023-2024




Attendance Data 2022-2023



Average Attendance for 2022-2023 94%


It is important that your child arrives in school on time. Just being a few minutes late every day can  potentially impact on your child's education as well as causing your child unnecessary stress.

We are here to help and give guidance - if you would like to chat to Helen Leitch our attendance officer, please call at the school office.

The table below gives you an indication of the time lost in school by lateness.


Be on Time at 10 TO 9


Minutes Late Each Day


Number of School Days / Weeks Missed in a Year

If your child is  late by the number of minutes below each and every day This is how much learning time your child  will have missed by the end of the year.
5 Minutes3 School Days
10 Minutes6.5  School Days
15 Minutes10 School Days
20 Minutes13 School Days
30 Minutes19 School Days





School Day

School opens 840-8.50am

School Closes 3.05-3.15pm (dependant on year group)

Lunch times vary depending on Year group.

All lunch times are 45 minutes long