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Aquí se habla español! We speak Spanish!

We speak, sing, joke and write in Spanish from Y1 to Y6 and the children FS2 join us after Christmas. Some of the children are very keen to show off their MFL talents in whole school assemblies. Spanish is spoken by over 442 million people in 21 countries. Our MFL teacher has lived in Spain and in South America and so she brings first hand intercultural knowledge as well as Spanish. We learn about other cultures, which by comparing those cultures with ours, in turn teaches us about our own. We learn about how children like our own around the world live, learn, are different and yet are the same. We learn about different landscapes, climates and traditions. Above all, we learn to communicate, we learn about language which means we learn more about our own language as we develop understanding of another one.

Our MFL classes are designed to be fun and where possible they fit into topics that the children are learning in class. We sing and dance and play games. We read stories from around the Spanish speaking world, use resources developed over many years of teaching and, as members of the Primary Languages Network, we have access to a wealth of materials and innovative teaching ideas to stimulate the children’s enjoyment and absorption of the new language.