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Here at St Michael’s Catholic Primary School we worked closely with MGL to create our own scheme of work for computing. This covers the National Curriculum programme of study for computing, teaching computing skills through all key areas of computing, including digital literacy, information technology and computer science- theory. Although some of these skills need to be taught discretely, many of our units link to topic areas allowing children to link their computing skills to other curriculum areas e.g. history, geography etc. This makes work more meaningful.

E-Safety is embedded within this scheme to ensure safe and responsible use of technology for all pupils and staff. We work hard to keep up to date on possible dangers and will share these regularly with the children. We have E safety ambassadors in school who work closely with staff to promote this. If you would like more information about E safety please go to this section of the school website.

We work hard at St Michael’s to keep up to date with technology and are lucky enough to have class Ipads, as well as a fully equipped ICT suite. Each year group is given an allocated time slot each week to access the school computers and Ipads, to learn new skills and embed the skills and knowledge they already have.