St. Michael’s Catholic Primary School

In God’s love we believe and achieve

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School aims and values

As a welcoming Catholic community our aims are:


  • To ensure each and every member of St Michael's School family are happy, safe and secure.


  • To value the contribution made by everyone involved in school life.


  • To encourage each child to recognise their own value both as an individual and as part of the school family.


  • To expect and encourage a high standard of positive behaviour in relationships with other pupils, staff, parents and visitors.


  • To ensure all children are given Equal Opportunity in all areas of the curriculum  encouraging high standards of work and developing a positive attitude.


  • To form a positive partnership between parents and staff and the wider community.


  • To promote the school's monthly values and celebrate those pupils who demonstrate the values in their daily life.          


  • To participate in the Religious Programme “Come and See”.


  • To ensure every classroom has a designated prayer area.


  • To encourage children to become independent, self-motivated and resilient.
Our school values have been drawn up by the children and staff and are celebrated weekly in assembly.


Values we aspire to at St Michael’s

September Friendship Mutual  trust and support
October Resilience The capacity to recover quickly from challenging situations
November Respect Admire someone or something deeply as a result of their abilities, qualities or achievements 
December Patience The ability to accept or tolerate delay, problems or suffering
January Thankfulness To feel and show gratitude to others
February Love A feeling of deep affection
March Forgiveness To show tolerance and compassion for others actions
April Honesty To show decency and trustworthiness
May Trust To believe that someone is good, honest and reliable 
June Kindness The quality of being friendly, generous and considerate
July Thoughtfulness Careful consideration and attention to detail. To show courtesy and understanding to others