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Reading Club


THE GETAWAY by Jeff Kinney

This book is about a family that goes on holiday and pretty much everything that could possibly go wrong does.

The main problem in this story is when the family could be enjoying Christmas at home they decide to go on holiday , which is probably the worst idea they ever had.

The family resolved the problem by going home a day early .

I would recommend this book to 9 and 10 year olds because one section of the book is about Gregg’s brother being in love with a girl.


My favourite book is Harry Potter and the cursed child.

Author: J.K Rowling

The main conflict of this story is that when they-Albus and his friends-go back in time and get stuck. This is fixed by the Minister of magic (Harry) turning back in time with Ron and Hermione and bringing them back. Yet they don’t know that Dephili one of Harry’s friends is Voldemort’s daughter…

In my opinion this book is a fantasy because magic isn’t real.

By Drew Volynchook- Year 5

I like the book The Iron Man because the subject changes half way through the story . The characters are the Iron Man, Hogarth and Hogarth's Dad . It changes because first they want to kill the Iron Man but then they want to keep him . Also they don’t want him to go to Australia but when they heard there was a monster they let him go .

By Alfie Vick – Year 3

This week in Reading Club we made predictions about 'Class Two at the Zoo'. We think a crocodile is going to escape while children are visiting the Zoo!