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The school has recently personalised it's school curriculum in line with the changes due in 2019.

This curriculum is in it's infancy and has been developed following thorough consultations with pupils, staff and Governors. An overview of it's aims and objectives can be viewed below. This curriculum will be closely monitored throughout the coming year and adapted as necessary to meet the needs of the pupils and the statutory requirements.

Curriculum / Subject area Co-ordinators:


English - Miss Davies/ / Miss Christie

Computing - Miss Smith

MFL - Mrs Hodgson

Maths - Mrs Pendleton

Science - Mrs Ingram

RE - Mrs Brown/ Miss Hillier

Music - Mrs Boardman

Art - Miss Christie / Mrs Murphy

D&T - Mr Borelan

History - Miss Christie

Geography - Mrs Boardman

PE - Miss Owens

SEN and Interventions - Miss Davies

Assessment - Mrs Ingram

Forest School - Mrs Ainsworth