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Year 2 Mrs Boardman

Hello! My name is Mrs Boardman and I have the pleasure of teaching all of our lovely Year 2 children, during this fun and productive year, supported in class by Mrs Leadbetter. In Year 2 we become really independent learners. The children develop a 'can-do' attitude in a positive and encouraging environment. The curriculum is challenging and exciting, providing the children with as many positive learning experiences as possible. Highlights whilst in Year 2 include exploring the outdoor school environment through Forest School each Friday, going on a café visit then designing, making and evaluating their own sandwiches, visits in the local community including the library and hopefully a return to Farmer Ted’s during the Summer months.

The children are all becoming enthusiastic readers and to ensure that they continue to make the best progress possible, it is vital for them to read at home each night along with being heard read whilst in school.

Should you have any questions about teaching and learning in Year 2, or any worries or concerns, please don’t hesitate in contacting me. Your continued support is very much appreciated as we move forward on our learning journey together.


Our lovely Year 2 class

Our lovely Year 2 class 1

Our class assembly about New Beginnings

Our class assembly about New Beginnings 1
Our class assembly about New Beginnings 2
Our class assembly about New Beginnings 3
Our class assembly about New Beginnings 4
Our class assembly about New Beginnings 5
Our class assembly about New Beginnings 6

Thank you to all who attended our class assembly. We were so proud of how well the children all performed, how beautifully they sang and how clearly they all spoke. The children were clearly able to convey the message about how God is present in new beginnings to the rest of the school.

Well done Year 2!

We love Spanish!

We love Spanish! 1
We love Spanish! 2
We love Spanish! 3

Learning about the past

Learning about the past 1
Learning about the past 2

Year 2 enjoyed speaking to our friend from the British Legion to find out about what things were like when their Grandparents were children.

Comparing numbers!

Comparing numbers! 1
Comparing numbers! 2
Comparing numbers! 3
Comparing numbers! 4
Comparing numbers! 5
Comparing numbers! 6
Comparing numbers! 7
Comparing numbers! 8

We had fun in maths making our greater and less than signs to compare numbers.