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Staff Organisation 2018/2019


Teaching Staff


Headteacher                            Mr Loughran

Assistant Headteacher           Miss Davies


Yr R Lead                                 Miss Smith 


Key Stage 1 

Yr 1                                          Miss Owens / Miss McDougall

Yr 2                                          Mrs Boardman 


Lower Key Stage 2 

Yr 3                                           Mrs Ingram

Year 3/4                                    Miss Percival

Yr 4                                           Mr Borelan


Upper Key Stage 2

Y5                                            Mrs Pendleton

Yr 6                                          Mrs Brown

Yr 6                                          Miss Christie



School Learning Mentor - Stef Lockley


Staff providing additional support within school:

Mrs Hodgson - Spanish Teacher

Mrs Woodward - Counsellor


Teaching Assistants and Classroom Support Staff


Mrs Bebbbington Mrs Bent
Mrs Murphy Mrs Ainsworth
Miss Strong Mrs Lovelady Jones
Mrs Taylor Mrs Shelley
Mrs Leadbetter Mr Humphries
Miss Donegan  
Mrs Lyons  


Finance and administration staff: Mrs McMullen and Mrs Spencer


Site Manager: Mr P Murphy  


Cook: Mrs B Shepard


Mid-day Assistants


Mrs  Welch,  Mrs Carroll, Mrs  Orr,  Mrs  Lynch,  Mrs Lyons, Mrs  Mullarkey, Mrs  Stulberg, Miss Atkinson. Miss Mercer



School opens at 7.30am and closes at 5.30pm daily (Friday – 5.00pm).