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The school is presently reviewing it's 2017-2018 curriculum. The information below is in draft format and is currently under review.

Further information to follow.

Curriculum / Subject area Co-ordinators:


English - Miss Davies/Miss Percival/Miss Christie

Computing - Mrs Ingram/Miss Smith

MFL - Mrs Hodgson

Maths - Mrs Pendleton/Miss Patino

Science - Mrs Ingram/Miss Smith

RE - Mrs Hillier

Music - Mrs Boardman

Art - Miss Christie/Mrs Murphy

D&T - Mr Borelan

History - Miss Christie/Mrs Boardman

Geography - Miss Christie/Mrs Boardman

PE - Miss Owens/Mr Borelan/Miss Davies

PSHE,P4C and SRE, Behaviour - Miss Percival

SEN and Interventions - Miss Davies

Assessment - Mrs Ingram