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Pastoral Care

At St. Michael’s Catholic Primary School our aim is to provide the highest quality pastoral care throughout the school by nurturing the individual needs of each child. Every member of our staff is committed to supporting the emotional health and well-being of all our children and their families. We have a dedicated Pastoral Team in school: Stef Lockley and Helen Leitch who support the children on a daily basis and provide an outstanding nurturing environment for the children. The Pastoral Team also work closely with our parents and carers. 


Pastoral care at St. Michael’s underpins our school values, giving our pupils a sense of belonging and allowing their self-esteem to flourish. Every effort is made to remove any barriers to learning and to equip our pupils with the confidence and skills to become successful learners and respectful members of our community.


We also understand the importance of working in partnership with parents and carers when your child needs some extra support. At St. Michael’s we have a range of interventions in place to ensure that we quickly identify the needs of our pupils so that every child in our school is happy, thriving and fulfilling their potential. This includes a full time learning mentor, SEAL, counselling, lunchtime drop in sessions, circle time in class and peer mentoring.


If you have any pastoral concerns about any of our children, then please contact our Learning Mentor, Stef Lockley on 0151 424 4468.


Ofsted March 2019: ' The pastoral team offer excellent levels of care to vulnerable families and work well with outside agencies. This ensures that the needs of families in difficult circumstances are dealt with efficiently'


Ofsted November 2014: 'The school's work to keep pupils safe and secure is outstanding. The school works very effectively with external services in order to ensure children are safe'.