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Mental Health and Wellbeing


Mental Health and Well-being at St Michael's


At St Michael's we promote a caring and supportive environment in which every individual is both valued and respected. We recognise that all children and young people need the foundation of positive mental health to benefit fully from all of the opportunities available to them.


Everyone experiences life challenges that can make us vulnerable. At times, anyone may need additional support to maintain or develop good mental health.



All children and young people have the right to be educated in an environment that supports and promotes positive mental health.

Equally, all adults have the right to work in an environment where they are supported through difficult times and are provided with a necessary support network, including a quiet area to use as a retreat if necessary. 


St Michael’s Primary School recognises these needs and rights. It is committed to raising awareness, increasing understanding and ensuring that we can and do make a difference by providing a place where all children and adults  feel safe, secure and able to achieve and experience success and well-being.

We are fully aware that the mental health of children and young people, adults in schools, parents and carers and the wider whole school community will impact on all areas of development, learning, achievement and experiences.

It is our aim to ensure that staff are aware of what to look out for and who to inform if they are concerned about a child as we aim to give the best possible mental health support to each and every child




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Mental Health and Well-being Policy