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School Mission and Aims (our values and ethos)

Mission Statement


As a welcoming Catholic community we will:


  • Follow in the footsteps of Jesus
  • Deliver the best possible education for all of our children
  • Value and love each other in our school and our community
  • Provide an inclusive environment where everybody reaches their full potential


Aims of the School


  • To value the contribution made by everyone involved in school life.


  • To encourage each child to recognise their own value both as an individual and as part of the school family.


  • To expect and encourage a high standard of positive behaviour in relationships with other pupils, staff, parents and visitors.


  • To ensure all children are given Equal Opportunity in all areas of the curriculum  encouraging high standards of work, developing a positive attitude to a variety of working practices and promoting a sense of pride in all achievements.


  • To foster an early partnership between parents and staff and the wider community in the educational process and general life of the school by encouraging involvement in school activities and supporting the children at home where possible.


  • To provide an environment of continued development and growth for pupils and staff.


  • To create a caring, happy environment where the school reflects a living Christian community, and in which pupils and staff feel appreciated and secure.


  • To participate in the Religious Programme “Come and See”.


  • To ensure every classroom has a designated prayer area.


  • To encourage children to become independent, self-motivated and self disciplined.